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Homepage > Doing Business > Trade and Business Licensing > Schedule of Fees > Industry, Agriculture and Primary Activities

1. Agricultural production and Agrobased industries including turtle, poultry and animal husbandry, hydroponics Exempt
2. Blockmaking, quarrying and building materials including any person carrying on the business of making blocks or building components $4,000
3. Miscellaneous manufacturing including jewellery manufacturer $400
4. Newspaper Printer being any person carrying on the business of printing and publishing a newspaper or magazine- $2,000 per publication
5. Transportation    
Land including any person operating a public bus, taxi or jitney service $250
Sea including any person operating ferries, etc., or water sports service $200
6. Utility Services including the operating of desalination or well water services providing water to the public; the provision of a service for emptying cesspools and septic tanks-  
a bulk water distributor’s business- $5,000
a retail water distributor’s business- $2,000
a business of emptying or maintaining cesspools or septic tanks- $300
any other person being a company carrying on such a business to whom a licence has been granted under section 11(1) of the Local Companies (Control) Law (1999 Revision)- $5,000