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Application form

Application form duly completed and submitted in accordance with the law at least 28 days before the expiry of the current licence.


The application must be accompanied by a filing fee of CI$75.00 and the appropriate licence fee as determined from the Schedule of Fees. To download a copy of the schedule, please click here. Note: the fees change periodically and applicants should enquire with the Trade & Business Licensing Board Secretariat to confirm the current applicable fee). In the case of a trade or business carried out in Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, the licence fee (not the application fee) is 50% of that stated in the Schedule of Fees.

Information relating to the company

In the case of a Caymanian controlled company:

  1. Current register of Directors, Officers and Members (shareholders) including nationality and date of birth of each person and the Annual Returns as proof the company's good standing with the General Registry. 
  2. Where shareholdings and/or directorships have changed since the current licence was granted or previously renewed, proof that at least 60% of the shareholders and at least 60% of the directors of the company are Caymanian must be provided.
  3. Current approvals for Civil Servants, Police Officers and applicants in similar positions to continue their involvement in business outside their primary duties.
  4. Current approvals from relevant Government Departments etc. (eg. Environmental Health).
  5. Where the business or office is operated from an apartment or condominium, a letter from the landlord and the manager of the apartment complex or strata committee approving the continued use of the premises for the business in question.
  6. If the applicant is a company also holding a Local Companies (Control) Licence, the Register of Directors, Officers and Members must be submitted but the requirement concerning proof of 60% Caymanian ownership is not applicable.