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Department of Planning
Leeward One Building,
Regatta Office Park,,
West Bay Road, George Town, Grand Cayman
(345) 769-7526

The Department of Planning plays a major role in the establishment or redevelopment of a business. Once new construction, renovation or reconstruction of a building is being considered, investors are encouraged to ascertain early on what sort of planning permission or permits are required.

When an application is submitted, Planning works closely with all other departments to arrange the inspections of site plans and physical locations, and process permit application for determining approvals.

The Department of Planning is divided into four main sections: Building Control, Current Planning, Policy Development and Petroleum Inspectorate.

The Building Control Unit (BCU) reviews applications for building permits and inspects the structural, plumbing and electrical components of buildings and structures to ensure that there is sufficient compliance to the codes.

The Current Planning section (CP) is responsible for processing development applications for presentation to the Central Planning Authority (CPA) on Grand Cayman and the Development Control Board (DCB) on the Sister Islands. Permission from Current Planning is required for a range of developments such as houses, apartments, commercial buildings and other structures.

The Policy Development section (PD) is responsible for policy preparation and long-range planning issues such as land-use policies, conducting special studies, making revisions to the Development Plan, processing rezoning applications and preparing proposed amendments to the Development Plan

The Petroleum Inspectorate ensures that safety and environmental management systems are effectively developed and implemented so that proper emergency planning and coordination is in place. Any applications involving fixed installations designed for storage of petroleum products goes through them.

Please also note that based on the Department of Planning’s assessment of any threats to the environment where the prospective business is to be established, it will ask the Department of Environment (DoE) for an inspection and its recommendations. Consequently, investors are encouraged to ensure that the DoE has signed off on the suitability of the location, wider area and other potential hazards to the environment of the proposed business, to avoid possible expensive reconstructions or restrictions.