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Business Owners Have More Guidance to Cease Their Licenses
Business owners now have clearer instructions for ceasing their trade and business licences, under the new Trade and Business Licensing Law. 23rd December 2015, 4:52pm
Liquor Licensing Law Launches in January
The new Liquor Licensing Law will commence on 1 January 2016. Current and future licence holders are advised that the law features several amended or entirely new components, all of which are intended to improve the liquor licensing process. 23rd December 2015, 4:48pm
Understanding the New Trade and Business Licensing Law, A to Z
The new Trade and Business Licensing Law will commence on Friday, 1 January 2016. 23rd December 2015, 10:45am
Brac to Be Informed on Licensing Changes
Residents in Cayman Brac will have a chance to learn about changes to the business licensing process this week. 20th October 2015, 5:00pm
Gambling, and Liquor Licensing, Bills Seek LA Approval
The Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and Environment is sending two bills – one regarding gambling in the cruise ship industry, and one relating to the licensing of liquor vendors – for debate in the Legislative Assembly this month. 14th October 2015, 8:10pm
Waiver Period Almost Over to Submit Director and Officer Details
Local companies have three weeks left to take advantage of the waiver period offered by the Cayman Islands Registrar of Companies, whereby the late filing of changes to directors and officers of companies will not result in penalty fees. 14th October 2015, 8:03pm
Applications for Tobacco Registration Renewals Are Due
The Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) reminds all tobacco dealers that according to the Tobacco Law, their applications for registration renewals must be submitted by 1 November 2015. 14th October 2015, 7:52pm
Ministry Releases Tender Details on Small Business Workshops
The Ministry of Commerce has released details on the tendering process behind the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce being awarded a contract for the hosting of small business workshops. 6th October 2015, 1:14pm
New Law Strengthens Cayman’s Business Environment
The commerce environment in Cayman will become better licensed and regulated with the implementation of the new Trade and Business Law. 16th September 2015, 5:04pm
Public Meeting to Discuss Trade and Business Licensing Law
A public meeting on the new Trade and Business Licensing Law is being held at 6pm on Wednesday, 16 September, on the first floor conference room of the Government Administration Building. Light refreshments will be served. 16th September 2015, 5:01pm
Companies Have Brief Waiver Period to Submit Director and Officer Details
The Ministry of Financial Services advises that The Companies (Amendment) Law 2015 will commence on Monday, 2 November 2015. 4th September 2015, 12:55pm
Renee Rankin Lands Chief Officer Award
By showing steadfast commitment to her business and special economic zone licensing duties, Mrs Renee Rankin has received the Chief Officer’s Award for June as the top employee for the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and the Environment. 26th August 2015, 2:05pm
Thais Ducent Receives Government’s Highest Praise.
Within the Ministry of Commerce, Thais Ducent is well-respected for her thorough knowledge of the business licensing process. 26th August 2015, 1:52pm
Money-Services Businesses to Continue
Some MSBs have established new arrangements that will allow them to continue providing remittance services for Cayman Islands customers; and Western Union remains in fruitful discussions with interested parties. 25th August 2015, 9:22am