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Liquor Licence Applications Move Online Published July 08th, 2021, 10:20 am

The renewal of liquor and music and dancing licenses is now live! Clients that are looking to renew their liquor licenses may now do so online on our website here:

To complete your online registration for their renewal, clients will need the following:

Business reference number  and Current license number :

Credit/debit card (for those persons who do not qualify for the reduction of fees or are paying their music and dancing license)

Liquor licenses (Grand Cayman) that were renewed at the September 2020 annual session will receive a temporary reduction of the annual fees. The system will recognize these license holders and the fee will be waived once they get to the payment screen. The reduction of fees does not apply to those persons who hold music and dancing licenses and they will be required to pay those annual fees. It also only applies to those persons who renewed at the September 2020 session. If a client obtained a liquor license after this session, they do not qualify. For more information please see the release attached. 

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