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Appeal a Board Decision

Appealing a decision of the Board

If an application for a licence has been refused by the Board, and the licensee is dissatisfied with the decision, you have the right to appeal to the Appeals Tribunal within twenty eight days of communication of this decision, or such longer period as the Appeals Tribunal may allow for good cause shown.

The request shall specify the decision against which the appeal is made, the reason for its decision, the grounds of the appeal and whether the appellant wishes to be heard personally or by a representative.

At the hearing of an appeal where the appellant or the appellant’s representative is present, the appellant or the representative shall be given an opportunity to address the Appeals Tribunal, and a representative of the Board shall be heard in answer if called upon by the Appeals Tribunal in that behalf, and the Appeals Tribunal may call upon either party to address it further.

Representatives of either party need not be persons having legal qualifications.

The decision of the Appeals Tribunal shall be communicated to the appellant and the Board no later than twenty-eight days after the hearing.

On an appeal, the Appeals Tribunal may make such order in accordance with this Law as it thinks fit.

An appeal may be made to the Grand Court from a decision of the Appeals Tribunal on a point of law only.

Appeals shall be by notice in writing addressed to Appeals Tribunal, Department of Commerce & Investment accompanied by a non-refundable  processing fee of CI$100.

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