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Offences & Penalties



Description of ticketable offences:

1. Carrying on a trade or business in or from within the Islands without a valid licence (first offence only). Any further contravention of this provision shall not be considered as a ticketable offence. Section 17(1) - Fixed Penalty $500

2. Destroying or altering or causing to be destroyed or altered, any document, record, equipment or other property found in the course of a search. Section 17(6)(a) - Fixed Penalty $2,500

3. Hindering or obstructing or preventing or interfering with a trade officer or police officer in the exercise of any power under this Law. Section 17(6)(b)- Fixed Penalty $2,500

4. Failing to remove all advertising in contravention of section 17. Section 17(6)(c) - Fixed Penalty $500

5. Failing to comply with a condition or restriction. Section 21(4) - Fixed Penalty $1000

6. Failing to display licence as required. Section 22(1) - Fixed Penalty $100

7. Failing to notify Board of change of address. Section 26(1) - Fixed Penalty $100

8. Hindering or obstructing or preventing or interfering with the Board in the exercise of its powers under section 28. Section 28(2)(a) - Fixed Penalty $2,500

9. Failing without reasonable excuse to answer any question relating to any register, book, record or other document or any relevant matter when required to do so by the Board.
Section 28(2)(b) - Fixed Penalty $2,500

10. Failing to comply with a direction of the Board. Section 28(5) 0 Fixed Penalty $1,000

11. Using the word "licensed" in juxtaposition with any word describing a trade or business carried out by the licensee on the ground only that the licensee is licensed under this Law. Section 34(1) - Fixed Penalty $2,500

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