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Apply for Business Licence

Applying For A Business Licence Including Online Submissions


A Trade and Business Licence is a licence issued by the Trade and Business Licensing Board which allows a person / company to 'carry on business' in the Cayman Islands.

An application may go before the Trade & Business Licensing Board within two to four weeks or less following submission of the application. However this period may be greater, whenever an applicant has not provided all the requisite information. Once an application is reviewed by the Board, a decision will be communicated to the applicant via email within 5 - 15 business days. Applicants may contact the DCI at anytime regarding the status of an application.

Applicants wishing to carry on a trade or business in or from within the Islands, can only apply for the grant or renewal of a licence if it:-

  • is Caymanian owned and controlled;
  • holds, or has applied for, a licence under the Local Companies (Control) Law;
  • is a non-resident company
  • non-LCC company, exempted company or limited liability company

There are two types of application forms, one for a Registered Company licence and one if applying as a Sole Trader.  All forms are available online or can be requested by sending an email to:  

You May Also Apply For A New Business Licence Or Renew A Business Licence Online Here

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