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Renee Rankin Lands Chief Officer Award Published August 26th, 2015, 2:05 pm

By showing steadfast commitment to her business and special economic zone licensing duties, Mrs Renee Rankin has received the Chief Officer’s Award for June as the top employee for the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and the Environment.

Mrs Rankin, who is the secretary for both the Trade and Business Licensing Board, and the Special Economic Zone Board, in the Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI), was presented with her certificate on 5 August. The honour is part of the Deputy Governor’s Award scheme for all civil servants.

The Ministry’s Chief Officer, Dr Dax Basdeo, commended Mrs Rankin for consistently helping clients with their licensing requirements.

‘All of our Ministry staff members perform at a high level in executing their duties and helping local commerce move forward’, he said. ‘In Renee’s case, the exemplary customer service that she provides; her skill in efficiently balancing hectic workloads with staff capacity; and her ability to foster a can-do team spirit among her colleagues, are key reasons why I chose her for the Chief Officer’s Award’.

In addition to her licensing work, Mrs Rankin processes information requests as DCI’s Deputy Freedom of Information Manager.

She says her colleagues are crucial to her accomplishments.

‘It is such a great honour to receive this award,’ she said. ‘DCI is a dynamic department, we play an integral role in the business community, and I take pride in what we do. My DCI colleagues operate as a family that faces every challenge head on, and I am proud to be a part of this unit’.

DCI Director Ryan Rajkumarsingh said he nominated Mrs Rankin for the Chief Officer’s Award because of her teamwork.

‘As a small department tasked with licensing many types of businesses within the local economy, DCI relies on a complete team effort to accomplish our tasks and functions,’ Mr Rajkumarsingh said. ‘With Government proceeding with new legislation to alter local commerce, it is essential that we remain committed to our assignments. Staff members like Renee are vital to ensure DCI meets its responsibilities to all stakeholders’.

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